Rang A Cúig agus A Sé

Obair Bhaile don tSeachtain.De Luain 25ú Bealtaine go Dé hAoine 29ú Bealtaine.

Maith sibh a pháistí I have got lots of great work from you, via email and on seesaw.Keep up the great work!

Maths Rang A Cúig: Page 158 and 159  of Busy at Maths

here are examples for some of the questions : (1) a 7+6=13

(2) a 36÷3=12

(3)c  6 boys had 5 euro each altogether the had 30 euro


Maths Rang A Sé:Page 102 and 103 of Busy at Maths:Here are some examples for the question: (1)19-12 (2)a I had 14 sweets dad gave me 18 more than I had 32 (3)a 12+9+8=29

English : Complete pages 74 to 76 of My Grammar Workbook.You do the noun phrases like this The first,sticky,red mixture.You do the sentences with the adverbs of manner like this;he had disguised himself carefully so no one would recognize him.

English Reading: Half an hour of accelerated reader every day.Read the poems about trees on page 178 of your readers and write your own poem about a tree.
History: Read the chapter on Mahatma Ghandhi in your history books.Is on pages 72 to 74 ,you can also with your parents permission watch the video about his life at the following url https://youtu.be/FZySxUtepSw Copy and paste this into your web browser and it will bring you to the video.I will post a quiz up about  him  towards the end of the week.

Gaeilge:leathanaigh 48 agus 49 de Rí Rá: some translations to help! Rug Mé =I grabbed or caught,bhí me =I was,thug me =I gave, chuaigh mé go=I went to, fuair me =I got, rinne mé =I did, chonaic mé =I saw,

Seo Leat .Leigh lth. 100 agus 101agus dean ceisteanna A,C agus D






























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