Rang A Cúig agus A Sé

Dé hAoine 3ú lá de Mhí Aibréan 2020

Well done rang a Cúig agus a Sé for all your work from home in the last two weeks.Keep up the accelerated reader during the Easter holidays!Thanks for all the contributions to the school twitter page and for your projects which are to be found below.Enjoy the Easter holidays and do say a paidir speisealta every day for everyone in this difficult times of staying at home and for all the workers who are working in our essential services.

Le Meas,

Mark Regan











An Domhnach 29ú Marta:

Dia Dhaoibh a phaistí,

hope you are all keeping well and enjoyed todays sunshine while still socially distancing and  isolating!Please say a paidir speisealta for all our health care workers ,shop assistants ,gardaí ,army etc who are providing essential services at thte moment to keep us all safe and well!You need to get this work done by friday try to do it early in the morning and then watch School on T.V. at 11am. everyday.Otherwise fit it in when you can.Photograph and  and email your work to rangacuigse@gmail.com by Friday 3pm. to gain dojo points.Remember keep up your accelerated reader and the quizzes.

Obair don tSeachtain Luain 30ú Marta go Aoine 


This week we will be learning about weight 

Key facts to learn: 1kilogramme =1000grammes

                           1/2  kilogramme = 500grammes=0.5kg.

                            1000kg. =1 tonne


                            1gramme =1000 miligramme


Activities: (1)Try to find 3 things that weigh  a kilogramme in your kitchen.Take a photo and email to rangacuigse@gmail.com

(2) Weigh your Mental maths,Busy at Maths and History book and email thir total weight!

(3) Find the weight of three things that interest you :for example your favourite rugby palyer,the world's heaviest aeroplane,a regulation N.BA basketball!


Work from book :Busy at Maths 5.pgs 135 and 136

                          Busy at Maths 6 pages 162 and 163


English: Read the Story :I am Malala pin Above the Cloudsgs.140 t0 145 and do activities A to E.


Gaeilge: Léigh an scéal Hataí Cásca : lth 76 go 77 Seo leat.Déanaigí ceisteanna A,D,E,F,G,H

ar foluain= flying

brat t glas=green flag


An Cháisc= Easter

ag obair go dian=working hard

cairtclár= cardboard

bhí bród an domhain air= he was really proud

trína chéile=in a state


History: Its a Mini Project Time: Research the history of any one of Galway's bridges: They are Quincentennial Bridge,Salmon Weir, O Brien's Bridge and Wolfe Tone Bridge .Draw a picture to go with it big dojo points available!  

Email any questions you have and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

P.E skip ,practice your soccer ,basketball,hurling,olympic handball, skills or run for 10 to 15 mins in the garden!Your parents have also been sent a link to Celebrity workouts for children one is at 9.00am. every day with Joe Wicks your parents have been sent the link!Maybe try this out.   








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