Montessori, Morning Club & Afterschool

Tuairíní Montessori & Afterschool has been successfully in operation since September 2006 and is situated on the grounds of Scoil Cholmáin, Tuairíní. 

The Montessori classroom is located in the old school building which is 134 years old. The large bright spacious room is the perfect setting for each child's early learning education. 


Professional Achievements of Michelle Madden and Orla Keeler McDonagh

  • Montessori Teacher Training
  • FETAC Higher Certificate in Childcare
  • INCO Inclusion Officer
  • Paediatric First Aid Training
  • Child Welfare and Protection Training
  • Garda Vetting
  • Over 19 years’ experience working with children


Tuairíní Montessori, Morning Club and Afterschool is fully registered with Túsla, Child and Family Agency. Our most recent inspection was carried out in June 2019 and found our service fully compliant with the Child Care (Pre-school Services) Regulations 2006.


Montessori Information:

Tuairíní Montessori is an educational establishment and an educational environment. We cater for children between the ages of 2 and a half and 5 years. Tuairíní Montessori provides a play-based curriculum guided by Aistear, The Early Childhood Curriculum Framework and underpinned by Síolta, the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education. We recognise the fact that children have a right to play. Play is a child's way of learning and coming to terms with the world around them. In the preschool room we practice a lot of child-led learning, following what naturally interests the children each day. We call this the 'Emergent Interest based Curriculum'. As they begin to express interest in different things, we will begin to incorporate those topics into our group time and arts and crafts. We incorporate the Montessori approach into our play-based curriculum as we promote independence and respect the children as confident competent learners.

At Tuairíní Montessori we cater to the total development of the child to their intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual needs. The benefits of a child attending Montessori school include increased self-confidence and independence, improved behavioural and academic skills and a love of learning thanks to this particular way of teaching.

The Montessori runs from 8.50 to 12.20 each day. We also cater for school going children in the morning before school and in the afternoon after school. 


A Typical Day

A typical day in the classroom is as follows: In the 3-and-a-half-hour session we carefully plan so the children learn in an indirect manner through Montessori material in a prepared environment, that takes into account the individual needs of the child. The school works along at the child's pace, ensuring that each child moves on to the next level of learning at his/her own speed.

The children come into school, hang up their coats, greet the teachers and begin their day with their friends. The children are offered opportunities to express themselves through role play, constructive play, solitary play and parallel play. Montessori work time is incorporated into the children's play. The children move about the classroom from activity to activity, unrolling a small rug for work on the floor or sitting at a table talking or working with a friend or choosing to work alone. Each child manipulates materials of interest to him/her, receives lessons from the teacher on new material, shares snacks with a friend and so forth.

The Montessori materials in the classroom are grouped into eight separate areas e.g. Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Language and Nature. Towards the end of the morning, the children gather in a circle to hear a story read aloud, share news, sing songs and recite poems. We also discuss the children's emerging interests in detail and revise numbers, sounds, days of the week, months, weather etc. As Irish is our cultural language we include it in our daily programme.

We make the most we can of the Irish weather and get outside to explore and play at any opportunity.  From time to time we watch a short movie on Friday, usually tying in with a topic discussed during the week, accompanied by some popcorn!


Early Childhood Care & Education Free Pre-school Scheme (ECCE)

This scheme is open to all children who turn 3 on or before Dec.31st. Please contact us directly to discuss and enrol in the ECCE scheme. 

Parental Involvement

We have an open-door policy at Tuairíní Montessori and if you wish at any time to speak to Orla / Michelle regarding your child’s development or progress we will endeavour to accommodate you. At the beginning of the school year we will set up a WhatsApp group so you can keep up to date with the daily / weekly happenings including photos of your child. To involve you in our curriculum a plan is displayed on the front door informing you of the activities for the week / month ahead based on the children’s emerging interests. Throughout the week we spontaneously send images of your child to you, often informing you of the benefits of the activity. This provides opportunity for you to question your child after school and show interest in their learning.



We provide an afterschool service from 12.20 – 1.35. During this session the children are given time to rest / relax, have a snack and play.



Every child deserves to feel extra special on their birthday. Here at Tuairíní Montessori we begin the day by displaying your child’s photo on the door for everyone to see. We provide a birthday cake, treats and a badge to make the birthday boy / girl feel extra special for the entire morning.  


Christmas Performance

Each year the children take part in a group performance where we invite family to come along and watch their little ones act out their special role in the Christmas Play and sing Christmas Carols. We celebrate with a party for the children and Santa always makes time to visit, bringing with him a quality gift suited to each child individually.



At the end of each year a Graduation Ceremony is held for the children to celebrate their time in Montessori and the impending journey into “Big School”. Parents are invited to join us for light refreshments, a recital of songs learned throughout the year and the presentation of certificates to mark their achievement at Tuairíní Montessori.


School Tour

Each Spring / Summer we take the children on a school outing. This is such an exciting time for the children. Previously we have gone to Loughwell Pet Farm & The Atlantaquarium. We travel on a bus fitted with seatbelts and are accompanied by one adult for every three children. Tuairíní Montessori’s insurance policy covers this outing. 


Policies and Procedures

Tuairíní Montessori and Afterschool’s Policy and Procedure Booklet is located in the hallway of the school. Please take a few moments in the first week of school to read them and sign the agreement form.

A calendar will be given to each parent at the beginning of the year with all closures highlighted.


Morning Club and Afterschool Information

Morning Club Available if there is enough demand. Contact us directly to discuss all options available. 

Afterschool Club – At Tuairíní Afterschool we aim to create a fun, safe, homely environment for the children on their arrival from school. Every child is given the opportunity to take part in organising different activities including painting, baking, colouring, crafts, science, group games etc. should they wish.

There is a variety of games, books, puzzles, Lego etc. at hand to keep everyone occupied. We try to get outdoors as much as possible with full use of the school’s big yard. On Fridays the infant children choose a DVD and have popcorn while relaxing after a busy week.  The bigger children can have movie time on Wednesdays if they like.

We will ensure that individual needs are satisfied by talking and listening to the children. Children will be encouraged to take on responsibility to plan their play and make decisions but also to take care of tidying up the classroom after the play session.

Afterschool begins at the time your child finished school regardless of ‘out of school hours’ activities. Children are collected from Junior and Senior Infant class at 1.40 by our Afterschool staff. Children finishing at 2.40 make their own way into afterschool.

In October 2022 we were delighted to hear news from the Budget that parents are finally being recognised and are getting extra funding for their childcare needs.  Currently every child is entitled to a minimum of 50 cent off per hour and more through income based assessment. From January 2023 every child is entitled to €1.40 per hour off their childcare fees.  Some families may be entitled to more funding depending on circumstances. There is a subsidy calculator available on the NCS website to help you to calculate the funding you qualify for.  All information is on the National Childcare Scheme website


Obair Bhaile

Homework for 1st-6th class commences after dinner and lasts until 3.30 where the children are encouraged to work on their own but given any assistance needed. It is important that parents review the homework at home.



We always celebrate birthdays at Afterschool. We provide a small cake and treats for your child’s special day.


Change of Clothes

If you wish for your child to change out of their uniform, you can send clothes in their bag and they can change in private on arrival after school.


Dinner Time

Dinner time is 2.40pm. Hot meals are provided by Tuairíní for €2 a day. Children can eat a cold snack from home if they do not wish to avail of the hot meal. The children also have the option of a cold snack at 2.00pm and 4.30pm. It is important to send an extra drink with your child to keep them hydrated throughout the day. We follow a healthy eating policy so no treats please.


Extra Day at Afterschool

If you need an extra day at Afterschool it is important that you the parent / guardian inform Michelle / Orla of your child’s attendance at the service. We would appreciate notice no later than 10 am of your child’s attendance to ensure availability.



In appreciation of your support of our Afterschool service we plan on bringing the Afterschool children on an outing at some stage throughout the year. Last year at Christmas time we enjoyed a trip to the cinema which the children really enjoyed. We also had a pizza party to celebrate the end of a successful year.


For more information / price lists / any other queries please contact Orla and Michelle on 085-7637133 or email


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